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What a joke! The customer NO service you get from these people is terrible.

I simply called in to follow up on two emails that I sent via their email link on the order confirmation to cancel an order that I never got a response from. First, the lady that answered the phone didn't even answer it Xtralights, so I had to ask. Then with attitude she answered like it was a stupid question. Here's a thought, answer your business phone with the company name!

Then I proceeded to tell her I was calling to follow up on 2 emails I had sent to cancel an order and her response was, "Well sir, it would help if I had a name or email address to start with" in again, a smart *** tone. So I obliged her with an order number I had right in front of me from my email. Then with even more attitude, she tells me she's going to put me on hold until I calm down before she processes my cancellation and refund. If this is any reflection of how the company conducts business with their customers, I sure am glad I canceled my order with them and went with another online vendor.

Guess I wasn't as important as their website claims their customers to be. Don't waste your time or money with these people!

"Every client is important to us and we put our optimum efforts to satisfy needs of our customers. We deliver every order without wasting any time. Need help choosing the right product for your vehicle?

Our team of highly trained experts has the knowledge and passion to help. Just call, live chat or email us.

Our experts love solving problems and lending a hand (or ear)! "

Product or Service Mentioned: Xtralights Customer Care.

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I should've read the reviews b4 I bought. Thank you for a well written detailed account of your nightmare with these clowns


I would have been wary reading the part about how our experts love to solve problems.They need expert(s) to solve problem(s) ? All day, on the payroll ? There must be an unforgivable number of "problems" ; I can't guess since you never mentioned the nature of the product or the service you'd hoped to receive and how much money was spent.Your complaint centers around the most insignificant part of the transaction rather than the substantive issues of product satisfaction or financial recovery.

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